Purchase management module

Sophisticated purchase management features are organized in a simple and coherent fashion.

Streamline your purchase order processing and tracking

View and edit your entire purchase order procedures and manage all associated purchase data super efficiently in one consolidated webpage:

Purchase Orders List View

Filter and list the purchase orders. Check status, query order information and perform bulk actions.

Service Purchase and Cost Allocation

Manage service purchase as a different process from purchase of inventoried items. And service cost can be allocated to multiple purchase orders.


Allow timely replenishing stock that is running low(below safety stock defined in item master), to ensure no sales are lost due to stock shortages. Reorder can be triggered optionally at product level or location level.

Inventory Accrue and Goods in Transit

Purchased goods and purchase invoice not arriving at the same time is frequent occurrence in China.

  • When good arrive before billing, The value of goods is temporarily estimated in the book and superseded by actual value later when invoice is received
  • In the event that invoice arrives first, the goods-in-transit account is utilized to temporally keep the value of the goods which is not in inventory yet

Receive and Invoice

Jeenie mandates matching between receive and purchase invoice for proper controlling. Processing of the following types of matching are supported.

  • One receive matches with one invoice
  • One receive matches with multiple invoices
  • Multiple receive match with one invoice

Landed Cost

Landed costs are additional purchase costs, such as freight, customs, insurance or shipping. Landed costs normally are allocated to purchased products for inventory valuation.

  • You can add landed costs into the service lines of the product purchase order, if the services items are purchased from the same supplier
  • You can initiate a new service purchase to buy service items from another supplier

Credit Note and Unstock

One or more credit notes can be attached to a purchase invoice, or credit note can be also processed independently. Credit note function accommodates the following scenarios:


  • The unit price of item(s) has been over-charged
  • Discount is applied after invoice is being processed
  • Shipment is sent incorrectly, or you received damaged goods, for which returned items are unstocked to inventory
  • Credit note that is not applied to any particular invoice

Supplier Credits

Supplier credits is money that your supplier owes to you which occurs in many ways.

  • Credit note that is issued to supplier without refund and not yet allocated to any existing purchase invoice
  • Advanced payments not yet related to any purchase invoice
  • Overpayments to supplier

All these types of supplier credits can be processed in appropriate ways and allocated to purchase invoice later.

Journal Entries

Journal entries for transactions with financial significance throughout the purchase cycle are automatically generated, associated with individual transactions and overall sales order.

  • Good receive
  • Purchase invoice
  • Inventory accrue and goods in transit
  • Payments and refunds
  • Credit note and unstock