General Features

Powerful features that are applied across modules to present enriched information, aid analysis and foster business controlling.


If the currency of purchase order (or supplier currency) or sales order (or customer currency) is different from base currency, Jeenie automatically converts the currency by attaining the conversion rate from, which can be manually overridden.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

Switch freely between Chinese and English interface. Also support multi-lingual description fields for master data, such as customers, suppliers, items, employees, fixed assets, chart of account etc.


Better understand your sales, purchase, inventory and financial data by using more than 30 system reports, which are classified into 6 categories, in Jeenie. Available fields in the transactions can be dragged and dropped into individual reports for easy customizable configuration.

Excel Plug-in Reporting Tool

Create custom reports to measure your unique KPI using the Jeenie Excel plugin. Use data-retrieving formula in Excel to define your management reports, and drop Jeenie data in with just a few clicks.

Documents and email templates

Layout templates for documents, such as orders and invoices, are built on Microsoft Mail Merge fields, and are customizable through Microsoft Word. Document templates are then populated with system information for emailing or printing.

User Permissions

Users can be granted ‘Full’ or ‘Read Only’ permissions to different features or modules. Can also create roles of predefined permissions to assign to groups of users.

Additional Attributes

Define bespoke information fields to add further details to master data or transaction forms such as item master, sales, purchases or expenses. Additional attribute can carry multiple data fields with various types of information, such as texts, amounts, time, date, options etc.

API Interface

Connect with third-party business software via open standard API. Business process and business data can be synchronized between Jeenie and other business applications for seamless integration.

Import & Export Template

Through predefined Excel template, you can create and edit master data (customers, suppliers, items etc.) or transaction data (sales, purchase etc.) in bulk, which can then be uploaded to Jeenie.