Production Management Module

Sophisticated production management features and procedures are organized in a simple and coherent fashion.

Streamline Your Production Order Management Process

Work through your production order procedures and calculate the production cost supper efficiently in one consolidated webpage

Production Orders List View

Filter and list the production orders. Check status, query order information and perform bulk actions.

Features of Bill of Material

  • BOM version management
  • Support multiple levels of BOM
  • Direct picking or backflush
  • Define whether to enforce materials/parts issuance control
  • Support materials/parts scrap definition
  • Standard labor hour and machine hour definition
  • Visual of materials/parts cost estimation

Streamlined Production Order Management

  • Support processing of multiple types of finished products in one production order.
  • Picking is controlled by production material staging generated based on BOM.
  • Production material staging can be customized per production order.
  • Simplified set of functions accommodate coherent treatment of a variety of events possibly occur in production workshop.

Unplanned Material Scrap – Make it Simple

Unplanned material scrap is treated by material picking return followed by stock adjustment, so that there is not necessarily a specific function to address materials scrapping. Jeenie comes with simplified set of functionalities delicately designed to tackle a variety of requirements.

Production Costing

Production costing is processed in a flexible and efficient way

  • Jeenie supports the actual production costing for materials, labor and manufacturing overheads
  • Materials/parts picking is booked into a WIP account defined in production order header.
  • Material costs are then switched into stock account in proportion to completion of production determined by percentage of finished product stock-in.
  • Machine hour and labor hour are registered in finished product stock-in as cost drivers.
  • Accumulate various manufacturing overheads into designated account by service purchase or manual journals.

Allocate all types of manufacturing overheads to finished product in cost adjustment slip.

Rework Order

Rework order follows exactly the same processes of production order except

  • The rework product(s) can be selected from stock-in of previous production order(s).
  • The rework product(s) are required to be picked from warehouse.
  • The materials/parts are changeable for rework order,even although the rework product(s) is set as only allowing generating materials list in strict accordance with BOM
  • The additional materials, labor and overhead costs incurred by the rework order will be added into costs of the rework finished product(s).