Product Management Module

Powerful master data maintenance function unleashes flexible classification and multi-dimensional management of inventory items and service products.


You can define and view a rich set of general and optional master information of products or services, such as

Product Price Management

Manage product price in differentiated levels.

  • Set up multiple price classes(types) to define differentiated price tiers for individual products. Price class can then be applied to customers
  • Or you can define custom prices of individual products for selected customers, which takes precedence over price class
  • The applied price can also be overridden by manual modification at individual sales orders/invoices

Product Family

Product family can be used to manage minor variations of the same product, without having to enormously extending your number of SKUs. You can set up as many as 3 options to shape possible combinations which define variations of a product. 

Product Availability

Shows availability of product in different warehouse locations. Displays in a customizable list the on-hand, allocated and available stock quantity for the item.

Additional Attributes

Define bespoke product information, which can be used to classify products or add further details to products.

  • Additional attribute can carry multiple data fields with various types of information, such as texts, amounts, time, date, options etc
  • Through sales and purchase transactions, additional attributes defined in product master can be carried over to general ledger for accounting or data analysis purpose