Subcontract Management Module

Sophisticated subcontract production features and procedures are organized in a simple and coherent fashion.

Streamline Your Subcontract Order Management Process

Work through your subcontract order procedures and calculate the materials and subcontract cost supper efficiently in one consolidated webpage

Subcontract Orders List View

Filter and list the production orders. Check status, query order information and perform bulk actions.

Streamlined Subcontract Order Management

  • Support processing of multiple types of finished products in one subcontract order.
  • Picking is controlled by subcontract material staging generated based on BOM.
  • Subcontract material staging can be customized per subcontract order.
  • Contracted subcontract fees are first booked in service lines in subcontract order.
  • Actual incurred subcontract fees are later gathered by subcontract invoice, around which payment, credit note and refund functions are structured similar to purchase module.
  • Credit note for subcontract invoice can be used for a variety of circumstances such as material scrapping caused by mistake made by the subcontractor.
  • Simplified set of functions accommodate coherent treatment of a variety of events possibly occur in production workshop.

Subcontract Production Costing

Subcontract production costing is processed in a flexible and efficient way

  • Jeenie supports the actual subcontract product costing covering materials and subcontract fees.
  • Agreed subcontract fees are put into service lines in subcontract order
  • Materials/parts picking is automatically booked into subcontract cost account defined in subcontract order header.
  • Material costs are then switched into stock account in proportion to completion of subcontract order determined by percentage of finished product stock-in.
  • Subcontract fees are estimated upon finished goods receipt, based on fees defined in service line of subcontract order

When subcontractor invoice is received and booked, the estimated subcontract fees are updated by the actual amount for the finished goods.