Unlock the potential of your business in China

Jeenie is a cloud ERP application that combines greatness in product usability design and compliance with China statutory requirements
Fully functional 15 days trial
Highlighted product features

Control supply chain and visualize financials

Trading and production businesses love Jeenie because the product is intrinsically simple, intuitive and easy to use.


Sophisticated purchase management features organized in a simple and coherent fashion.


Sophisticated sales management features organized in a simple and coherent fashion.


Empowers you to effectively manage your stock and get up-to-the-minute inventory knowledge.


Seamless integration between functional modules and general ledger.

Product Management

Flexible classification and multi-dimensional management of inventory items and service products.

General Features

A series of functions to carry, process information and present reports in highly-flexible fashion.

Production Management

Streamline your production operation and cost management

Subcontract Management

Streamline your subcontract procedures and cost management

Setup and Implementation

Onboarding and Account Management

We offer diverse forms of learning tutorials and differentiated classes of consulting services. Customers with different level of ERP expertise and budget can make optimal choice from the options.

Detailed User Guides

Our user guidelines to walk you step by step to setup correctly and use the detailed functionalities.

Watch our product videos as the first step to navigate functional features

Onboarding and Account Management

Included in options in subscription plans, Jeenie onboarding consultant provides guidance for product setup. 

Our account management team will look after your account to ensure your success.

Free Helpdesk

Get in touch with our supporting engineer for individual technical questions as well as any issues related to your account. 

You can interact with our technical supporting team via email, wechat or phone call.

Implementation Service

Your business requirements are complex or you lack ERP implementation experience? 

Contact Jeenie partners for system implementation service.

You are a service company, or you don’t need to manage inventory at this moment?

Have a look at Jeenie’s sister product: Megi cloud accounting system