Accounting Management Module

Full-fledged accounting features such as fixed assets, expense management, and bank reconciliation.

Seamless integration between functional modules and general ledger.

Bank Reconciliation

Upload your bank statements into Jeenie, where you can easily reconcile your statement lines in one-one, one-many, many-one and many-many relations with purchase bills, sales invoices, credit notes and expenses.

Expense Management

Employees can go through expense claims booking and approval procedures directly in Jeenie. Expenses can be automatically linked to G/L through selected expense items which is predefined as master data.

Chart of Account

Chart of account can be customized according to your management requirements. You can directly acquire predefined COA template prescribed by China GAAP and compliance requirements.

General Ledger

Journal entries are automatically generated from transactions in functional modules and synchronized to general ledger for processing. Manual journals can also be created in general ledger.

G/L Journal Templates

Journal entries for functional transactions and routine period-end processing can be automatically generated in G/L. Users can maintain journal templates in which data retrieving rules for journal summary, debit and credit accounts can be defined.


Run automated inspections to functional and accounting data to verify the completeness and correctness of your books. Before period end closing, Jeenie inspects more than 150 check items, and presents the identified issues and problems with a link leading to the corresponding transaction(s). Selected examples are:

  • Unreconciled bank transactions
  • Receivables remain uncollected for more than predefined periods
  • Whether period-end procedures, such as amortizing of deferred expenses, carrying forward unpaid VAT etc., are properly completed

Accounting Dimension

You can link master data and defined additional attributes to transaction forms and G/L accounts as accounting dimensions. Accounting dimensions can then be recorded in transactions, passed on to G/L, presented in management reports for financial analysis.

Financial Statements

Balanced Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Cashflow Statement can be automatically generated. And customizable formula can be defined in the statements to retrieve accounting data.